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TIP Sheets & Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I live stream with the Swivl and Google Meet?

There may be times when you need to teach students face-to-face in the classroom and virtual in their homes. If you need the flexibility of moving around your room and good audio quality, the Swivl is a great option.

TIP Sheet: Live Stream with Google Meet

TIP Sheet: Live Stream Quick Tips

Video Tutorials: Demo #1 | Demo #2 (after the September 2020 updates)

How do I record a lesson for a self-reflection activity?

The Swivl can also record lessons for self-reflection activities. The recorded video is automatically saved to a district account. When you are finished recording a lesson, please email Shawn Brandt (sbrandt@isd721.org) and he will send you the link to your video.

TIP Sheet: Self-Reflection

Video Tutorial: Swivl Recording

How do I reserve the Swivl?

Each building has a Swivl for live streaming instruction or recording self-reflection activities. Contact your building technician to reserve the equipment.