School Closings and Blended Learning


What is a Blended Learning Day (BLD)?

A Blended Learning Day is an opportunity for students to continue learning when school has been cancelled due to inclement weather. Teachers provide lessons which may have a “blend” of online or traditional paper/pencil activities. If a student is unable to complete the lessons due to an illness or other circumstance, their parent should call the attendance line to notify the school of their child's "absence." Reported absences will follow the same protocols as a regular school day.


  1. The first school day cancelled will remain a “traditional” snow day. Assignments will not be given.

  2. The second and following school days cancelled will include “Blended Learning” where students complete lessons at home.

  3. When a Blended Learning Day is announced, the BLD website is sent to parents and students through Infinite Campus via email, text, and phone which will include lessons, attendance, and contact information.

    • Lessons and activities are not accessible until the BLD is announced.
    • Students in grades K-5 complete “choice board” activities, which are accessed from the website.
    • Students in grades 6-12 attend their classes via Google Meet sessions, following their school's 2-hour late start schedule. The links for the Google Meet sessions are found on their teacher's Google Classroom page.

  4. Teachers can be reached via their school email between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.

  5. For more information, visit the Blended Learning Day website at:

Our mission at New Prague Area Schools is, “To engage and support everyone in high levels of learning.” Our vision is, “To be a premier school district that models excellence and prepares students for life's opportunities.” If we hold true to these statements, we must create innovative solutions to promote student learning. We are excited about the opportunities Blended Learning Days will provide for our students.

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