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Response to Intervention (RtI)

As you walk through the halls of the New Prague Area schools, you will hear the letters “RtI” being tossed around by both professionals and parents.  The main goal of Response to Intervention (RtI) is to lay the groundwork for achieving grade level proficiency through early intervention services.  Within the RtI model, school staff intensify instructional support for struggling learners to close their learning gaps as soon as possible and keep them on track for  school success. 

RtI is a three-tiered instructional model, where student performance is regularly measured and progress is monitored to identify gaps in skill development.

  • Tier 1 is the delivery of a scientifically based core program with fidelity, intensity, passion, and reasonable accommodations. If done well, we expect to meet the needs of most students.
  • Tier 2 is “more”- more time, more specific teacher led instruction, more opportunities to respond, and more progress monitoring.
  • Tier 3 is the “most”- most time, most specific teacher led instruction, most opportunities to respond and the most frequent progress monitoring.

If a child's performance in a specific skill area falls into Tier 2 or 3, a continuum of research-based action commences, with specific methods of evaluating and monitoring, to bring the student to proficiency.  A successful implementation of RtI is based on three primary concepts:

  • School structures ensuring the most effective instruction.
  • Regular collection of data to screen the progress of all students.
  • Use of research-based intervention practices within a multi-tiered delivery model (i.e., different interventions based on the need level of the student).

The RtI model relies on terrific instruction by the classroom teacher using excellent curriculum.  It is critical to have a high-quality, research-based curriculum in place that meets the initial needs of 80-90% of our students, reducing the proportion in need of intervention.  “The goal is to make sure curriculum and instruction is not at the root of referrals for problem solving or special education,” says Educational Services Director Tony Buthe.  “We are arming our teachers with the best tools and methods, to establish the best possible base.”

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For more information, contact Tony Buthe, Director of Educational Services at 952-758-1767 or tbuthe@isd721.org