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Parent Resources

Technology can be a powerful tool for learning. When parents and teachers work together, students can become responsible citizens, in both the real and digital worlds. Click the buttons below to access resources that will help your children use technology responsibly.

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Here are some suggestions for helping your child take responsibility for their Chromebook:

Know the expectations at school. 

Carefully read the NPAS Digital Learning Agreement and the NPAS Internet Acceptable Use Policy (524) to understand the students' responsibilities and expectations. Reinforcing these expectations at home will help ensure a positive experience for your son or daughter.

Communicate your expectations at home. 

Regularly share your expectations with your son or daughter about accessing only appropriate sites and content, as well as being a good person when online (even when parents are not watching). Many organizations offer sample contracts to help families discuss expectations for media and technology use at home: Common Sense Media | School Family | NetSmartz 

The best internet filter is you. 

Although we recommend families set up a home internet filter, the best way to monitor your son or daughter's use is to be present. Devices should be used in a central, visible location such as the living room or kitchen. 

Put the devices to bed, but not in the bedroom. 

Parenting experts suggest charging all technology devices, from cell phones to Chromebooks, in a common family room overnight. This will help discourage late night, unmonitored use. Don’t allow your son or daughter to sleep with their cell phone or Chromebook. Remember to model appropriate use and balance of technology in your own life, too.

Talk about the responsibility to respect and protect. 

Digital citizenship (responsible use on the internet) is an important skill for students in the 21st century. We have adopted six simple statements:  Respect yourself, Protect yourself; Respect others, Protect others; and Respect intellectual property, Protect intellectual property. These six conditions of digital citizenship are detailed in the NPAS Digital Learning Agreement.

Parent Night Presentation

This information is presented at the 6th grade meeting in August.