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Infant-Toddler Programs and Services

What is Help Me Grow: Infant and Toddler Intervention

Having a young child is one of the most exciting, joyous and intense experiences a family can have! They watch their toddler’s development with awe and wonder. However, some toddlers experience delays in their development and this can be a very difficult time for parents.

Minnesota’s Help Me Grow: Infant and Toddler Intervention services are provided for eligible children birth to three years of age who may be experiencing delays in their development for several reasons, including special health conditions. These services are designed to meet the unique developmental needs of each child and their family and are offered at no cost to families. Accessing these services as early as possible will ensure the best developmental outcomes for the child.

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What is Help Me Grow: Infant and Toddler Intervention?

Help Me Grow Infant and Toddler Intervention services provide developmental support and instruction for young children with disabilities or delays in their development. Minnesota children from birth to three years old who are eligible for Help Me Grow can receive services in their home, child care setting or in their local school early childhood programs. These services are free regardless of income or immigration status.    Read more about: What is Help Me Grow: Infant and Toddler Intervention?

What makes a child eligible for Help Me Grow: Infant and Toddler Intervention services?

Eligibility determination means the steps that are taken to decide if your child meets the requirements for receiving supports and services.

Read More about: What makes a child eligible for Infant and Toddler Intervention services?

What is an "evaluation"?

Evaluation is the process and procedures that determine whether or not a child is eligible to receive Help Me Grow: Infant and Toddler Intervention services. Evaluation also helps the team, which includes you as the child’s parent, to more fully understand the nature and extent of any developmental delay or disability a child may have. This is important to determine most appropriate goals for a child and family and identify any potential intervention service needs.    

Individualized Family Service Plan

Once your child is found eligible for Help Me Grow: Infant and Toddler Intervention services, the first step will be developing a service plan for your child and your family. 

What is an IFSP? The Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) is a written plan for providing early intervention services for you and your child. 

Parent Rights

As a parent of a child with a disability who is eligible for Minnesota’s Help Me Grow: Infant and Toddler Intervention services, you have certain rights under law. The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) ensures that your child and family receive appropriate early intervention services.

You are encouraged to ask questions about any of the policies and procedures as well as concerns you may have about your child's program.     Minnesota’s Infant and Toddler Intervention Procedural Safeguards Notice

Transition to Age 3 

Your child’s third birthday is approaching fast, what’s next?  Before your child turns three-years-old, you, your child’s case manager and IFSP service team will need to plan for transition out of Infant and Toddler Intervention since these services end at age three. Between ages 2 and 3, the steps and services to facilitate your child’s transition must be documented in your child’s IFSP and a transition plan will be established.

To make a referral for screening or evaluation at New Prague Area Schools, please contact Renee Hartman,  HELP ME GROW intake at 952-758-1728 or rhartman@isd721.org