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One to One Plus


TIP Sheets & Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I submit a technology support ticket?

Use the One to One Plus website link below to submit a support ticket. Reference the TIP Sheet for step-by-step instructions.

00-Gweb-2.pngWebsiteOne To One Plus @ NPAS

00-Gdocs-2.pngTIP Sheet: Report Technology Issues

Can a teacher report a Chromebook issue for a student?

Yes, teachers also have the option to submit Student Chromebooks Tickets through One to One Plus. Reference the TIP Sheet for step-by-step instructions.

00-Gdocs-2.pngTIP SheetReport Technology Issues

Can students report their own Chromebook issues?

Yes, students can also sign in to One to One Plus @ NPAS. They have an option to submit Student Chromebooks Tickets. Students can only submit Chromebook tickets for themselves. They do not have the ability to submit a ticket on behalf of another student.