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TIP Sheets & Frequently Asked Questions

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TIP Sheets and Resources

How do I navigate Campus Instruction?

The “Campus Instruction” app contains the Grade Book, Roster, Attendance, and Planner. Learn how to locate and navigate the Campus Instruction options by watching this video.

Where do I view and print my class Roster?

The “Campus Instruction” app contains the Grade Book, Roster, Attendance, and Planner. Learn how to view and print your class roster(s) the Campus Instruction options by watching this video.

Can I set "Campus Instruction" as my default screen?

Yes, follow the steps listed below:

  1. Log into Infinite Campus
  2. Go to the Campus Instruction app
  3. On the upper-right corner, click the User icon... click the Account Settings link
  4. Click the pull-down arrow to select Campus Instruction 
  5. Click the Save button

How do I take attendance?

You will use the “Campus Instruction” app to take attendance. This video will demonstrate the attendance options.

How do I create a seating chart?

Use the “Campus Instruction Beta” app to easily create seating charts. Watch this video to learn how set up and print a seating chart.

How do I set up my Grade Book to calculate grades? (Grades 6-12)

The Grade Book must be setup correctly, or it will not calculate "In Progress" grades. Watch this video to learn how to create assignment "Categories" and make the correct "Grade Calc Options."

How do I use the Progress Monitor tool? (Grades K-5)

Elementary teachers use a standards-based report card. To help manage and track students' proficiency levels, Infinite Campus has a tool called Progress Monitor. Watch this video to learn how to use the tool efficiently.

Note: Elementary teachers do NOT have to set up the Category or Grad Calc Options. Starting in the fall of 2021, these settings are created and set automatically for all K-5 classes.

How do I manage my Grade Book Categories?

In order to add an assignment into your Grade Book you must create at least one category. Watch this video to learn how to create and manage your Grade Book Categories.

How do I add and score an assignment into the Grade Book?

There are several ways to add assignments from Campus Instruction. This video will demonstrate the most common methods. To score an assignment, watch this video.

Can I use IC to send messages to my students and/or their parents?

Yes, Campus Instruction also contains an email message tool. Watch this video to see a demonstration.

Watch these videos to learn how to send messages related to grades and missing assignments. You can also create a template to make this repetitive process more efficient.

Note: Encourage your students' parents to review their contact information on Campus Portal. From there, they can update their current contact information.

How do I post grades in Infinite Campus?

Some grade levels have slightly different methods for posting grades. Watch the video tutorial that fits the grade level you teach.

  • Video TutorialGrades K-5 (if you use Progress Monitor)
  • Video TutorialGrades K-5 (if you use the older, Post Grades module)
  • Video TutorialGrades 6-12


How do I view student grades from different classes/subjects?

This is a common question from teachers. For example, a middle school advisor who teaches science may need to see how a student is doing in their math class. Watch this video to see a demonstration.

How do I copy an assignment from one section to another?

With Campus Instruction Beta, you can copy an assignment from one section to another (even if they are not the same courses). You can also copy assignments from a previous school year. Instead of doing this through Grade Book, it will be completed in the Curriculum Planner. Watch the video tutorial to see a demonstration. You can also view detailed instructions on the IC User Guide.