Post-Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO)

NPHS Process and Timeline for Planning PSEO Enrollment

Counselors hold an informational meeting annually for any interested student. This meeting takes place during the school day, typically during the registration process for selection of the next year's classes (January or February). 

After the informational meeting, students serious about applying for PSEO should set up a parent/guardian meeting with their School Counselor.  These meetings typically take place in the spring of the year (March or April).  Students are responsible for researching the college of their choosing, and knowing deadlines for PSEO application. 

The following are helpful tips and reminders about PSEO at New Prague High School:

  • Adhere to May 30 deadline to notify high school of intent to go PSEO 
  • PSEO students receive dual credit: NPHS credit and college credit
  • All PSEO courses transfer to NPHS transcript with college grade earned (non-weighted)
  • Student is responsible to know & to meet graduation requirements 
  • Student is responsible to know & follow college admission standards & deadlines 
  • Admission requirements include ACT scores or ACCUPLACER [taken on college campus]
  • Student is responsible for transportation 
  • Credit conversion:  4 credit college course = 2 NPHS credits (exactly half)
  • Full-time: 12 to 16 college credits per semester  [classes are often 3 or 4 credits each]
  • Part-time: Work with counselor to place high school classes in spring, often in morning 
  • Student must provide counselor with class schedule each semester & notify of changes
  • PSEO students are not listed on NPHS Honor Roll [calendars do not match up]
  • PSEO students may participate in any NPHS events and activities as desired
  • College textbooks belong to college: return or purchase at the end of semester
  • NPHS does not have access to in-progress PSEO grades  
  • Eligibility to continue PSEO if grades fall below a certain level is determined by the college
  • NPHS must verify graduation standards are met before releasing diploma 
  • Student is responsible for completing all forms and paperwork
  • NPHS counselors and staff have no jurisdiction over college matters
  • A meeting with student, parent/guardian and school counselor must be held to confirm graduation credit planning (typically in March, April)

Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) School Choice Program

Complete information from MDE's website on PSEO is found here.  

PSEO Reference Guide (MDE)

Click here.

Participating Institutions in Minnesota

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2021-2022 PSEO Notice of Student Registration [REQUIRED EACH SEMESTER]

Please select your preferred form and send to our Registrar, Ms. Tammy Murray, at 

2021-2022 Notice of Student Registration, Fillable PDF

2021-2022 Notice of Student Registration, Digital Signature

2020-2021 PSEO Notice of Student Registration [REQUIRED]

Please use the first form listed here, for "Typed Signature." Download form and fill out electronically. Send PDF to our secretary, Ms. Tammy Murray, at 

Fill out separate application for each college to which you apply.

  • For a copy of the 2020-2021 PSEO Notice of Student Registration form, Typed Signature, click here.  
  • For a copy of the 2020-2021 PSEO Notice of Student Registration form,  Digital Signature, click here

Normandale Community College PSEO Information

Click here for PSEO info on Spring Newsletter

Hennepin Technical College PSEO Information

University of Minnesota Twin Cities PSEO Information

Important Deadlines & Reminders for Current PSEO Students

This information was mailed to all PSEO students, both full-time and part-time, the first week of school.