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College & Career


College Online Classes Here to Stay

Star Tribune article from September 2021 reflects new interest in keeping positive aspects of online learning in college settings. 

Power of a Two Year Degree

Click here for a brief but informative article about Minnesota's excellent two-year college opportunities.

To Find the Best College Fit, Ignore the Rankings

Read "Inside Higher Ed's" review of Stanford's new study on the impact of college rankings here.

Is a Liberal Arts Degree Worth It?

Selected articles about the value of a liberal arts education. 

Soft Skills Critical for New Grads

Click here to see what employers are looking for in potential employees.

Private College Value and Cost Myths

Two college presidents sound off on the value of a liberal arts education here.  


Personal, Social & Behavioral Development

How to Keep Technology From Disrupting Your Happiness

Click here for revealing perspective on using technology in a healthy way. 

7 Crippling Parenting Behaviors...How to Coach More Than Coddle

Click here.

The Secret Life of Teens: Anxious, Overscheduled & Getting Sick

Check out this 5 minute news clip from KARE 11.

Today’s Anxiety Society: The Mental Deterioration of iGen

Click here to discover recent research (February 2019) on what is contributing to the significant rise in teen angst, and what to do about it. 

Top 10 Social Issues for Teens (2020)

Click here.

The Kids Are Not All Right: Time Magazine Article

Click here to read about how American teens are anxious, depressed and overwhelmed...and why experts are struggling over how to help them.

13 Reasons Why: Talking Points

"13 Reasons Why" is a fictional Netflix show that many young people have viewed.  This is NOT recommended viewing.  Many flaws exist in this depiction of a fictional character's movement toward, and completion of, a suicide.  Please read these talking points for a sound, productive and accurate representation of facts that surround mental illness and suicide.  

Advice for Parents on Social Media Apps

Click here for eye-opening info on all those apps out there!

Great info for parents of adolescents!

Click here for "Top 10 Tasks of Adolescent Development" and here for "5 Basics of Parenting Teens." 

Top 8 Reasons Why Teens Try Alcohol & Drugs

Click here for this insightful article.

The Silicon Valley Suicides

Intriguing insights into why so many kids with bright prospects are killing themselves in Palo Alto (December 2015).  Click here.

Suicide Prevention, Parenting Tips 

Click here to read an interesting article from a psychiatrist who works in Palo Alto, CA. Great food for thought! 

Minnesota's Opioid Epidemic

Click here for Minnesota Public Radio's series on opioid addiction (April 2016).

Resilience in Youth

Click here for this article from Psychology Today (September 2015).