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Google Drive

TIP Sheets & Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I organize my Google Drive files?

To organize your files in Drive, you can create folders to make files easier to find and share with others.

Google Help: Organize your files in Google Drive

What are some of the best Google Drive tips?

Google Drive is great for creating and sharing all kinds of files. But do you know these Drive tips and tricks? In this video, Scott Friesen shows you how to save time and use Google Drive like a pro.

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 0:23 Keyboard shortcuts for Google Drive
  • 0:33 Shortcut key for renaming a file or folder
  • 1:06 Shortcut key for sharing a file or folder
  • 1:45 Share Drive files but prevent downloading
  • 3:22 Using the Explore Tool to search the web and your files
  • 4:58 Adding color to your Google Drive folders
  • 6:07 Save images to Drive from websites
  • 7:40 Search files within a specific Drive folder
  • 8:50 Use voice typing to create content faster

What is Google Drive File Stream, A.K.A... (G:) drive?

The G:drive syncs files between your Windows laptop and the web based version of your Google Drive / My Drive folder. There are several advantages of Google Drive File Stream:

  • All of files are backed up in the cloud
  • Save storage space on your laptop device
  • Browse, organize, and rename files
  • Open and edit non-Google applications

Google Help: Use Drive File Stream

Where do I find Google Drive File Stream (G:) on my laptop?

The image below shows where you will find Google Drive File Stream (G:) after it has been installed and logged in. Click the image to view in full-size.