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TIP Sheets & Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I create a class in GoGuardian?

The easiest way to create a class in GoGuardian is to import an existing Google Classroom roster. Follow the steps listed in the resources below:

00-Gweb-2.pngGoGuardian Help: Import a Classroom from Google Classroom

00-Gdocs-2.pngTIP Sheet: GoGuardian: Import Your Google Classroom Rosters

How do I start and monitor a class session?

Follow the steps in the resources below to start a class session and monitor Chromebooks in your classroom:

00-Gweb-2.pngGoGuardian Help: Start a New Classroom Session

00-Gdocs-2.pngTIP Sheet: GoGuardian: Start a Class Session

How do I use the Off-Task Alerts tool?

Off-Task Alerts is a feature which uses artificial intelligence to automatically detect when a student goes off-task and visually alerts the teacher. Review the article below for more details:

00-Gweb-2.pngGoGuardian Help: Off-Task Alerts

What is the Timeline tab / view?

By clicking the Timeline tab in an active classroom session, teachers will see a summary of all the sites students viewed.

00-Gweb-2.pngGoGuardian Help: Active Classrooms: Timelines View

What is a Scene and how do I create one?

Scenes give teachers additional control over students' web activity. There are two types of Scenes for a classroom session: (1) Allow Websites: limited access, only allow a quiz, test, or website; or (2) Block Websites: wide access, block games and other distractions

00-Gweb-2.pngGoGuardian Help: How to Create and Apply a Scene

00-Gdocs-2.pngTIP Sheet: Create a Scene (Allowed / Blocked Websites)

How can I allow / block website Scenes with *wildcard* asterisks?

Depending on which type of Scene List is created, websites can be allowed or blocked using *wildcards, another term for * (asterisks).

For example, if you want to allow students to access their Infinite Campus Student Portal, you may want to use wildcards. The login page uses this URL address (newpraguemn.infinitecampus.org/campus/portal/newprague.jsp). If you copy/paste this URL as an allowed website, students would not be able to access their IC Grades page. Instead, use *wildcards* to allow students to navigate to any page on the domain or subdomains.

Example: *infinitecampus.org* will allow students to access any of the NPAS IC pages (newpraguemn.infinitecampus.org) AND any of the help / support pages found on the main IC website (infinitecampus.org/contact).

00-Gweb-2.pngGoGuardian Help: Block or Allow sites with *Wildcards*

How do I add a co-teacher to a GoGuardian class?

Additional Teachers, teacher's assistants, or substitute teachers can be added to each of your classrooms. In order to add additional teachers, they must first have a GoGuardian Teacher account. There are three different levels of class access: (1) Owners, (2) Teachers, and (3Helpers

00-Gweb-2.pngGoGuardian Help: Add Additional Owners, Teachers, and Helpers

How do I share / present my screen to students' devices?

Presentation mode allows teachers to share / present their screen to students' devices in a classroom session. This article explains how each aspect of the feature works:

00-Gweb-2.pngGoGuardian Help: Lecture / Presentation Mode in GoGuardian Teacher

Additional FAQs by the GoGuardian Support Team

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions for GoGuardian Teacher!

00-Gweb-2.pngGoGuardian Help: FAQs for GoGuardian Teacher