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District Advisory Committee

The New Prague Area Schools District Advisory Committee (DAC) is designed to ensure members of the community and educators work together in a positive way to improve the quality of education for all children in the community. The DAC is responsible for providing input and making recommendations regarding the implementation of the Minnesota Academic Standards and New Prague Area Schools' overall academic curriculum.

 District Advisory Committee Expectations

Tim Dittberner
Phone: 952-758-1701
Email: tdittber@isd721.org

Tony Buthe
Director of Educational Services
Phone: 952-758-1767
Email: tbuthe@isd721.org

Maren Bahler
Director of Curriculum & Assessment
Phone: 952-758-1740
Email: mbahler@isd721.org

Shawn Brandt
Director of Technology Integration
Phone: 952-758-1709
Email: sbrandt@isd721.org

Rick Bell
Assistant Principal, New Prague Middle School
Phone: 952-758-1408
Email: rbell@isd721.org

Jeremy Engebretson
Principal, Raven Stream Elementary
Phone: 952-758-1501
Email: jengebretson@isd721.org

Johna Anderson
Falcon Ridge Teacher
Phone: 952-758-1616
Email: johanderson@isd721.org

Jane Dittberner
High School Teacher
Phone: 952-758-1223
Email: jdittberner@isd721.org

Brad Drazan
Eagle View Teacher
Phone: 952-758-6000
Email: bdrazan@isd721.org

Zach Johnson
Middle School Teacher
Phone: 952-758-1400
Email: zjohnson@isd721.org

Amy Mittelstadt
High School Teacher
Phone: 952-758-1248
Email: amittelstadt@isd721.org

Kyle Zander
Raven Stream Teacher
Phone: 952-758-1500
Email: kzander@isd721.org

School Board Representative
Jeanne Kubes

Student Representatives
Tyler W. Giesen, Lucia Helgestad, Libby Olson

Parent Representatives
Jean Schmidt, Mary Peterson, Angela Deutsch, Heather Wenzel, Dana Robinette

The NPAS District Advisory Committee will meet on August 24, December 7 and April 5, at the District Office Board Room at 4PM.

Meeting Agenda: School Year 2015-2016

Meeting Agenda: School Year 2016-2017

Meeting Agenda: School Year 2017-2018

Meeting Agenda: School Year 2018-2019

Meeting Agenda: School Year 2019-2020

Meeting Agenda: School Year 2021-2022

If you are interested in being a member of this committee, please contact:

Maren%20Bahler.jpgMaren Bahler
Director of Curriculum & Assessment
Phone: 952-758-1740
Email: mbahler@isd721.org