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Digital Learning Environment

What is a Digital Learning Environment (DLE)?

A student-centered framework where opportunities for learning and access to educational resources are available anytime, anywhere. Components include:

  • 21st Century Skills - communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking
  • Digital Curriculum - learning management system (Moodle), electronic resources, etc.
  • Mobile Devices - wifi laptop or tablet with battery-life of 6+ hours
  • Personalized Learning - using an abundance of resources & assessment data to customize learning

Why is it Important?

It creates learning opportunities for our students that are simply not possible without anytime, anywhere access to the internet. For example, it creates opportunities for:

  • Collaboration - students are able to communicate and collaborate synchronously and asynchronously
  • More Timely Feedback - digital assessments can provide immediate feedback to improve learning
  • Differentiation - provide a variety of learning and teaching styles to meet students’ individual needs
  • Narrowing the Digital Divide - provide equal technology opportunities for all students
  • Engaging all students in high levels of learning - students can work at their own pace and ability

How is it Implemented?

It is important to understand that a successful digital learning environment focuses on teaching and learning, not the technology. The device is a tool for learning but the teacher facilitates the process and guides each student down their path of personalized learning. Successful DLE programs implement a number of different devices, use a variety of learning management systems, and collect data with a range of assessment applications; but all focus on student learning and applying best practices in teaching.

Educational Goals: A digital learning environment at NPAS will…

  • increase student learning and achievement.
  • improve student college and career readiness.
  • increase 21st century skills of communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking.
  • increase student engagement in high levels of learning.

The DLE at New Prague Area Schools is titled: Powerful Learning. You can learn more by visiting our website.