Welcome to Compass Learning Center

Lisa Ruedy-Decker
CLC Program Lead
Phone: (952) 758-1746

Brenda Torgerson
Office Assistant
Phone: (952) 758-1745

The Compass Learning Center (CLC) provides a nurturing environment in which students receive a positive, safe, and structured learning opportunity. High school student attending the CLC will have a sense of belonging and acceptance within a school environment that offers personalized instruction with staff that have a flexible approach to teaching.


To engage and support everyone in high levels of learning in an alternative educational setting.


The purpose of the CLC is to offer a structured and consistent alternative educational setting that capitalizes on each student's individuality. The ALC allows all students an alternative means to achieve the success that will result in successful completion of middle level requirements.


  • To reach all learners on a daily basis - especially those who struggle in traditional schools.
  • To offer personalized instruction with staff who have a flexible approach to teaching.
  • To offer smaller class sizes and flexible school scheduling in a non-traditional setting.
  • To allow collaborative programming with existing New Prague High School programs to develop individual instructional strategies.
  • To hold students accountable for their educational achievement, thus empowering students to succeed.
  • To involve both the student and parent/guardian in the educational process by keeping them informed through regular progress reporting and meetings with students.


  • Respect diverse thinking
  • Model appropriate, positive interactions
  • Think globally
  • Learn and apply supportive, interactive technologies
  • Allocate time and support, using best practice research for our students and staff


  • All students can learn and are entitled to an opportunity for reaching their maximum potential.
  • Students need to be present to learn.
  • Learners need to be engaged in the development of their personal goals.
  • Students need to identify their learning style, develop strengths, and learn to overcome weaknesses.
  • Students need to have a supportive environment that encompasses academic, vocational, emotional, and interpersonal needs.
  • All learners are responsible for creating a safe, positive, and respectful environment.
  • There must be collaboration between family, student, and school.
  • Students must have access to district opportunities.
  • We must develop partnerships within the community to enhance student opportunities.
  • The developments of habits lead to future success.
  • Curriculum content must be relevant and rigorous.
  • A smaller learning environment fosters a sense of belonging and leads to student success.